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 Realise your full potential through the power of Interoception

What is Interoception?

Interoception is the ability to recognise and respond to the signals your body sends to your brain. Our research proves that people with stronger interoceptive abilities – particularly awareness of their own heart rate – respond better to stressful or high-pressure situations. Not only that, but interoception is a skill that can be trained, helping to reduce anxiety, make better intuitive decisions, or maximise our physical capabilities.

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Dr Sarah Garfinkel delivering a talk about Interoception to TedEx in Brighton, 2018

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For individuals living with anxiety and autism spectrum conditions who are looking to improve their quality of life and response to stressful situations. HeartRater Clinical improves the connection between the brain and body, bringing feelings of control and confidence.

For ambitious sports people looking to gain an edge over the competition. HeartRater Sport is a mobile app that trains users to improve the connection between the brain and body, maximising their physical capabilities.

Meet the team involved in the development of HeartRater.

Access academic papers, news stories and press on Interoception and learn how HeartRater is based on scientific research from Brighton & Sussex Medical School

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